Live Stream your function to all your family and friends now.
It takes only a few minutes to be setup and live streaming.

Funerals - Weddings - Parties - Baby Showers - Conferences

How this works

We will live stream your event for up to 5 hours from all your locations. Our team will bring all equipment to your site and live stream to online platforms. You will be able to give a link to your family and friends to view online while the event is taking place.

Your R3500 service fee will cover all services and for a little bit extra we will also include a flat screen digital display to allow your viewers to watch if they cannot travel to other venues like cemeteries or wedding photo sites. Your viewers will also have access to pictures and information about the person, the venue and event.

When you contact us, we will create a program for your event here on LiveStreamNow, we will create an Orbituary or Profile about the people involved in the event at NO EXTRA charge. We will also operate even if loadshedding surprises our team.

Who we are

We are a professional team with digital experience to help you bring your event online from preparation up to conclusion of your event. Our teams travells through Gauteng, KZN, Northwest,Limpopo and Cape town to help you live stream.

We follow strict covid protocols and provide the most exhillirating and fun experience and interaction with your viewers.

Contact Us

072 416 6539 - bookings@streamlivenow.co.za